Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Purple Rose Hantaran

Snapshots of Hantaran using Purple roses

Handbouquet collection

Hantaran Ivory,pink n purple

Previous works done for previous brides.
Ivory roses with shades of pink and purple of sweet william

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hot Wedding Colour Theme

Recently..i kinda like Hot pink n Black
very gothic and girlish at the same time
This colour reminds me of Punk Rocker Chic
(think avril lavigne..hehe)
But then...im sure it will turn out very nice..
Anyone?!Brani try tak..teehee

Now Im working on my latest craft work for my latest addition of the family.
For my baby-otw akikah gifts.
Doorgift boxes with pink n black polak dots reben..
Bunga Pahar with the same theme.
Initially..plan to do Pink n Black hydrangeas bunga pahar stokin.
But i rase sureeee i am going to be stressed out.
So i'm going to do Bunga Pahar songket instead.with pink,grey/black and white checks on it.
Hope it will turn out great.

I totally forgot where i get these pics.mostly western n googled image.

From Haidey to Didi

Flower combo of Pinks and Orange
Using the footed square crafted tray.

Gothic Red,Gold n Black

This is from Ameenah's hubby..

Another pink story

The hantarans is done for ameenah and her other half
She choose pink for her side and red with black dulang for his other half
Lately..pink ( to be spesific hot pink!) is the fav color of brides-to-be.
I guess its because it will turn out really nice in pictures.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Simple Pink n White

This is using the wooden tray using simple pink n white flowers
Layered with white estomas.
Classic Look

Monday, February 15, 2010

Pink, White and Black

Combination of white and pink roses using black trays
Speacially done for Farhana