Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How i heart this...

Images from Wild Flower Linens

This chair cover is super duper gorgeous.
Use it for ur chiavari chair..
prob for maintable chair for the bride n groom
it will make a huge difference.STUNNING!
Malangnye..its a US site...

Ermmm..can anyone sew this for me?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This is a sample deco for main table.
Later i'll be posting more pics from the shoot.


All these lantern are available for sale

14'' paper lantern RM8.00 (purple)
16'' paper lantern RM9.00 (purple,pink,green,tiffany,yellow,orange)
16'' polka dotts paper lantern RM9.50 (pink, tiffany)
14'' silk lantern RM10.00 (tiffany,hot pink)

I highly recommend the silk lantern coz its very durable
tak koyak and suitable for outdoor event

While stock last.

Purple and White Hantaran

Monday, March 8, 2010

Engagement in Blue n White

Just love the Handbouquet!
Lovely hydrangeas..

Wedding Ideas

There are few sites yg i visit on a daily basis
One of it is www.stylemepretty.com
Few months back they feature this very talented person
who does candy buffet with style!
Her works is superbly wonderful and works for every event..
not only wedding...
this is samples of her work
U could prob opt the candy buffet idea in ur wedding

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hantaran Bunga Songket

Lately im a big fan of bunga songket
Cantik untuk buat hantaran and bunga pahar as well
This is done for Hafiz n Ku Farah

The maskawin i decide to try matching fresh flowers with some crystal flowers
and the sireh junjung is using lushes of blue hydrangeas
and ivory roses and estomas

Sesape yg buat traditional theme..
i would highly recommend this
Pelamin with songket motives as the background..
Bunga pahar songket with 2 matching colour theme..
it will look heavenly and traditional

Later i will be posting the samples of bunga pahar
Bunga pahar songket..
Bunga pahar songket kotak2
and bunga pahar kristal..