Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hantaran Bunga Songket

Lately im a big fan of bunga songket
Cantik untuk buat hantaran and bunga pahar as well
This is done for Hafiz n Ku Farah

The maskawin i decide to try matching fresh flowers with some crystal flowers
and the sireh junjung is using lushes of blue hydrangeas
and ivory roses and estomas

Sesape yg buat traditional theme..
i would highly recommend this
Pelamin with songket motives as the background..
Bunga pahar songket with 2 matching colour theme..
it will look heavenly and traditional

Later i will be posting the samples of bunga pahar
Bunga pahar songket..
Bunga pahar songket kotak2
and bunga pahar kristal..

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